Fields Qualified to Teach

Digital Humanities, Rhetoric, (digital and visual), Visual culture, Social media discourse, Public memory, Scholarly digital editions, Hispanic cinema, Spanish literature, Spanish as a second language.

Teaching Experience

Tecnológico de Monterrey | School of Humanities and Education

Adjunct Professor of Digital Humanities (Spring, 2024) Courses: Historia y Fronteras de las Humanidades Digitales; and Mapas y datos geolocalizados en las Humanidades digitales.

TAPI Text Analysis Pedagogy Institute | JSTOR Labs

Instructor of Digital Humanities (summer, 2022) Course: Web scraping and Text Analysis of Bilingual Social Media.

Texas A&M University | Department of Hispanic Studies

Graduate Teaching Assistant -Instructor of Record-(fall, 2013 – spring,2015)

Courses: Spanish as a second language SPAN 101 and SPAN 102 (first and second semesters and intensive summer session).

Washington State University | Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Instructor of Spanish (fall, 2012 – summer, 2013)

Courses: Spanish as a second language SPAN 101 and 102 (Basic Spanish face to face, online and intensive summer session), SPAN 204 (Intermediate), SPAN 306 (Intermediate Reading and Translation).

Graduate Teaching Assistant -Instructor of Record- (spring, 2010 – fall, 2011)

Courses: Spanish as a second language SPAN 101 and 102 (Basic Spanish face to face, online and intensive summer session).

Universidad TecMilenio | Master in Education 

Instructor (spring, 2008 – summer, 2009)

Graduate Courses: Psychoeducational Theories of Learning, History, Problems and Current Situation of Education in Mexico, Philosophical Foundations of Education, Learning and Curriculum Evaluation and Selected topics of Educational Administration.

Instituto Superior Labastida | Majors in Psychology, Pedagogy and Education

Instructor (fall, 2005 – summer, 2007)

Courses: New Theories in Psychology, Psychopathology, Psychoeducational Intervention, Humanist Theory of Psychology, Clinical Interview and Counseling, Educational Psychology, Sociology of Education and Child Development I.

Online Course Design and Development

Text Analysis Pedagogy Institute (summer, 2022)

Web Scraping and Text Analysis of Bilingual Social Media using Facepager and RStudio.

Washington State University Online (summers, 2011-2012)

SPAN 101 and 102 online courses on Angel using technologies such as Collaborate and VoiceThread.

Sistema Tecnológico de Monterrey, Universidad TecMilenio (2008-2011)

Online courses on Blackboard and Webtec for the Master in Education and for Psychology, Education and Human Development majors.